FMZ Newsletter - March 2022

Newsletter - March 2022

EA FM22 - Update 1

Unfortunately we have to inform you today that our Update 1 has to be postponed indefinitely for various reasons. This has primarily to do with the current war within Europe, due to which our international team has other priorities, but also with the fact that we are progressing more slowly than planned in the testing process. Despite the still uncertain release date, testers are welcome so that a larger part of the preparatory adjustments will eventually make it into the update.

As soon as we have more detailed information and can foresee how and when things will continue, we will of course inform you.

We Are Football

Our We Are Football file will once again be undergoing major changes. We are once again adapting all the league systems to make the individual leagues even more realistic for you. In the area of women's football, the database will be expanded and new competitions will be added.

Unfortunately, we are currently lacking testers for this file as well, who would be important for the control of the new league systems.

Furthermore, it is currently not foreseeable when we will be able to release the database for editing. Unfortunately, the game editor is not yet able to correctly display complicated competitions such as the Conference League, the promotion matches in the German Oberliga or the international competitions on other continents. The database would become corrupted in these areas and could then no longer be exported into the game. We are still hoping for changes in the editor and are also looking into further possibilities to finally make the file available to you in its entirety.


Relatively soon we will move to a new forum. This became necessary because the current forum software is no longer provided with current security updates and many new features can no longer be implemented. If you have any feedback that you would like to be considered for the new forum, you can leave it "here". We are looking forward to your opinions.