FMZ Newsletter - June 2022

FM-Zocker Forum

With the launch of our new forum a few months ago, we took an important step for the future of our community. In the meantime, it already feels really at home and the feedback has been very positive. Even though in times of social media many things are done through other channels, our forum is the central building block of our patches and at the same time the place where you can reach all our experts from the different departments. The forum is where all our work is coordinated and the community has the opportunity to ask specific questions, submit correction reports and also participate in the design of our patches via surveys. If you are not yet a member, you can register quickly and easily and follow and contribute to everything important about FIFA Manager, We Are Football, GOAL! The Club Manager and our work on the files. The old forum is only online for a limited time, so if you have not yet taken over topics that are important to you, you can still do so now.

File creation / assistance

The 2021/22 season was a real tour de force for the FM-Zocker project. After we were able to record a slightly increasing tendency in the help with the files during the Corona period and were able to implement many things such as a further expanded database since FM21, the dark mode from FM22 and the integration of hundreds of thousands of additional graphics, and also designed the complete structure of a patch for the We Are Football Manager by Gerald Köhler, the help has unfortunately decreased considerably in the last few months. In order to be able to continue to offer our patches as a community project, help is therefore needed in ALL essential areas of the patch. You don't have to be a modding genius to do this, the tasks range from database, scripting and graphics, but even with simple helping work and test support you can help a lot! So if you want to help, you are always welcome, and our department heads will support you with any questions you may have. All information about helping out and how you can "apply" can be found here: FM Zocker - Job exchange

An overview of some topics where help is currently needed can also be found here: File creation

Donations / Server costs

In addition to the donations for the maintenance of our website, the forum, our servers for the editing of our data as well as the download of the patches, we unfortunately had to record a considerable decrease in the last months, while the server costs, on the other hand, continued to rise. While last year, for the first time in 20 years of FM-Zocker, we were able to almost completely cover the costs, unfortunately, a large part of the costs are now again being covered by the FM-Zocker team. Since our servers are already running at full capacity, new ways must be found in the medium term to be able to continue financing FM-Zocker in the future. So we are happy about every donation that helps us to cover the server costs. You can find the donation link on our website:


Even though the first preparations for the new season have already begun, it is - as of now - still uncertain exactly what the patch will look like in the new season. Even if we in the team are motivated to offer a large patch as in previous years, it is not certain for the reasons mentioned above whether this can be realised with scarce server capacities and steadily decreasing help. Although we are convinced that we will be able to provide an FM23, the scope could be significantly smaller than in the past years under the given conditions, and major new features are unfortunately improbable at this point in time.

We Are Football

The new season of We Are Football essentially depends on two things: Firstly, how FM23 can be implemented; secondly, which further adjustments to the game will be implemented by the developers from the WSG team. After the announcement of the end of the Bundesliga DLC a few days ago, which means that WaF will no longer provide any original data, our patch for this game has naturally become even more popular with the community. The We Are Football patch is made up almost entirely of the same data as the FIFA Manager, so help with our FMZ database will benefit both games. Furthermore, we hope for further developments of the game, for example to increase the performance by a league selection at the beginning of the game, as well as further adjustments to the editor to finally make our data editable for you.

In the area of women's football, however, it is not yet foreseeable whether and to what extent we will be able to provide data. At the moment, the team cannot cope with this and it would require a lot of work in the database area.

GOAL! The Club Manager

Of course, the new GOAL! part, which will be released in autumn/winter, is still on our horizon. The first impressions from the beta phase make us positive that we will also be able to provide suitable files from our database for this game. However, we will have to wait and see which direction the developments take in the next few months and whether the corresponding community interest develops. The first plans for this have already begun.

A lot of work lies ahead of our team and our community in the coming months. The new forum is the foundation for the further development of FM-Zocker; now it is up to all of us to fill it with life and to start together into a successful future with many exciting new and old manager games. The entire development on the market and the realisation that manager games are in demand again and new titles are appearing is a great benefit for all our users and the entire genre.

At this point, we would like to thank all supporters, team members and the community, who have contributed several tens of thousands of volunteer hours to the FM22 and the WaF patch in various areas and have made such an extensive patch possible.