FMZ Newsletter - October 2022

Shortly before the end of October, we want to bring you up to date on the latest topics:


As you have noticed, the Early Access of the game has been postponed at short notice until 2 November. As already announced, we are also willing to make a file available for this game. Of course, we would like to be able to make it available directly on the release day. However, as the game is still in an early stage, structures are still changing. This can therefore throw the prepared work out of kilter and in the worst case postpone the release by days or weeks. We will only know exactly on 2 November whether our prepared file can be used. The first version will contain original club names, original logos and sponsors. However, we can assume that the first version will be released until the end of November if the release of Anstoss is not delayed again.

Until the release our competition for 3 keys is still open. (RE: ⚽️ FM-Zocker 🤝🏻 Anstoss 2022 ⚽️)

We are Football

We are Football will continue and apparently also with a league selection, which should allow us to integrate more new countries and leagues into WaF. Since we don't have any further information apart from the official information on Steam, we don't know at the moment whether the next update will result in changes to the database on the part of the game that we will have to react to. That's why it's the same for us as it is for you: Wait and see. But we are just as curious as you are to see what the game developers will announce on 10 November. Will there be a big update, a DLC or even WaF2? - Let's be surprised...

Regardless of this, an update for the new season is definitely planned from our side. Due to the uncertainty of the game itself, it is not foreseeable when this will be possible. Of course, we also hope that the editor can now handle our changes and that we can finally offer an editable file.

FIFA Manager

As already announced, the meanwhile smaller team as well as the more and more passive community lead to problems. Fortunately, our biggest fears of only being able to offer a significantly slimmed down database will not come true and we will probably have a similar size as with FM22. However, in order to accomplish this, work has been left elsewhere. This means that, unlike last year, there will only be a few small, rather than several large, new features.

Participation in Patch 22/23

Of course we can't do all the work as a team alone and have to outsource at least 10% of the work to the community.

In the area of file creation, there are many ways to get involved; be it in creating player pictures, updating club data for the database, various research work on league systems and sponsors, or even in discussions on the implementation of individual areas of the patch.

Probably by the end of November, the preparatory work should be ready for us to start creating the player squads for the German Oberliga. Here we are completely trusting in the work of the community and hope that this will work as well as it did last year.