[FM23] - Changelog - Release 1

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General content


125 playable countries

576 playable leagues

11802 clubs

238407 original players

No winter transfers

Database squad updates for german Oberliga

Original fixtures for most of in tm.de availible leagues

2D graphics

57105 player pictures for the FMZ style

5.102 staff pictures for the FMZ style

236 referee pictures for the FMZ style

148375 player pictures for the football manager style

38989 staff pictures (football manager style)

2404 referee pictures (football manager style)

26322 XXL player pictures for the FMZ style and football manager style

11.685 club badges for simple style

11.685 club badges for the DVX style

1.330 competition badges (Simple style)

1.330 competition badges (DVX style)

11.178 stadium pictures

4.547 XXL stadium pictures

12.012 citypictures

14.585 custom pictures

811 original main Sponsors

1.988 loading screens

188 stadium tunnels

207 country flags,

207 association logos,

509 trophies

549 images for mascots

1.357 images for the headquartes

948 pictures for the hall of fame

1.490 tickets

3D Graphics:

3.345 kits in total:

- 1.083 home kits

- 1.083 away kits

- 1.072 gk kits

- 107 third kits

171 balls in total

- 58 balls assigned with competitions

- 74 competitions with unique balls

- 32 leagues with unique balls

4967 3D-faces in total (including icons, managers, celebrities and all previous faces)

The FM23 complete stadium package will have stadiums for 861 teams (club + NT).

One: Basic package (122 teams)

Two: Full package (739 teams + id 00000000)

Changes compared to FM22


the board's confidence is now more dependent on the current ranking and performance in the national cup and in the Champions and Europa Leagues.

Calculation of player market values and demand was improved - top players will cost less, but still a lot.


Improved club data compared to FM 22 mostly in australia, luxembourg, mexico, morocco, guinea, cote d ivoire, tunisia, paraguay, bolivia, venezuela, uruguay and spain

Add city descriptions (mainly in Turkey, Libanon, Austria and germany)

More than 100 new spare teams in germany

New league systems in Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Croatia, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Switzerland, and Indonesia

Replace Dom Rep, Laos, Maldives and Zimbabwe with Cote d Ivoire, Senegal, Ethiopia and Zambia as playable country

Database squad updates for german Oberliga

Increase leadership quality sligtly for all original players


Fixed a bug when National Team tactics were reset after you open tactics screen again.

Fix for World Cup Quali popup (tactics buttons are now working, goal/card popup is now correct).

Fixed a bug when a team with custom kit plays with a fantasy generic kit in 3D match.

some small fixes and improvements for dark mode


Add Liechtenstein Cup in Switzerland

Russian club teams don´t compete in international competitions

Russian national teams don´t compete in EC/WC and Nations League

5 substitutions for European Championship, World Cup and their qualifications

New format for OFC Champions League

New features

Start game without club ("No club" checkbox when you choose a club).

Russia not playable as national team

Possibility to add a specific club badge for dark mode, when it's needed (UID_1.tga, UID_2_1.tga (reserve)).

Non-EU" status is replaced by "Foreigner".

Teams from Lichtenstein don´t count points for Switzerland in 5-years ranking anymore

2D Graphics

Add loading screens for 18 new league levels

Add original sponsors in more than 50 countries

3D Stadiums

3D Graphics

Create config file for referee kits

Better color (blue instead of yellow) for player names/information in 3D match in snowy weather.


Players Picture

Replaced the following leagues by actual pictures in FMZ Portraits:

Australia 1. League

Austria 1. League

Argentinia 1. League

Bolivia 1. League

Brazil 1. League

Chile 1. League

Croatia 1. League

Estonia 1. League

Germany 1. League

Germany 2. League

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