§ 1 - General

The German judiciary may not see everything on the Internet, but it sees a lot. The consequences of not following German laws on the Internet are just as drastic as if the laws were not followed in "real life".

1.1 The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany must be observed. Failure to do so may result in criminal prosecution. The operators (administrators) of the forum have the possibility to collect relevant data, which may be used to identify the offender in case of violations.

1.2 Of course, as the person responsible for our website, we are careful to comply not only with our rules, but also with the rules of the legislator.

If someone ignores the rules, either a temporary ban or permanent exclusion will follow.

This also includes asking for pirate copies or a way to circumvent the copy protection of paid software.

1.3 Access to the forum or the homepage "www.fm-zocker.de" including the download area or its use cannot be demanded, sued or otherwise forced in any form.

The forum operators reserve the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw the privilege of use from individual users at any time and without giving reasons.

1.4 We can and will consistently terminate unobjective discussions that go over the top and disregard our rules.

1.5 Posts that obviously violate the forum guidelines should be ignored and not replied to. Additionally, it is helpful to inform the team via the "report post" function.

1.6. We are not responsible for any tips, programs, HTML codes or scripts that may contain errors, and any damage or loss of data that may occur as a result. We recommend that you make a backup copy of every existing file that is replaced by a download.

1.7 All rights, in particular the copyrighted rights of use and exploitation of the contributions, articles, photos, etc. made available are exclusively entitled to the operator of the forum in relation to the user.

1.8 Discussions sometimes require a critical tone, which we endorse. However, anyone who repeats this in the wrong areas and in an inappropriate manner must expect sanctions on our part.

1.9 No financial compensation may be demanded or offered for help or requests. Donations for the general preservation of the site and the forum can be given however gladly over the Button on the starting side.

We would like to point out one thing in particular:

Who believes that there is anonymity in the Internet, is on the wrong track!

So there can and will be consequences for violations!

For this reason, double accounts are not allowed and lead to the immediate blocking of the main account and deletion of the last created account.

2.0 The naming of real names in the forum is not desired and may result in a permanent ban.

§ 2 - Open new topics

If there are regulations for the creation of a topic in the respective area, these are to be adhered to with the best will in the world. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to delete the respective topic without comment.

2.1 Only one topic may be opened per request. Before opening a topic, the forum search must be used.

2.2 Each new topic must be created in the appropriate forum and subforum. Topics opened in the wrong place will be removed without comment.

2.3 Topics must be named in a meaningful way. Titles like "Help", "I have X problems", "Does not run" or "really important" do not describe a topic sufficiently and will therefore be removed without comment.

2.4 Only one problem will be addressed per open topic. If several problems are addressed, the respective topic will be removed without comment.

2.5 Each statement must be meaningful and sufficiently described. if not enough information is provided, we can unfortunately not help.

§ 3 - Reply to topics

3.1 Only one problem can be dealt with per open topic. If the topic is finished - and it was communicated accordingly - the topic is finished. There is no continuous treatment of different problems in the same topic.

3.2 The message of a post must be directly obvious. Before posting, think about what you actually want to say.

3.3 Pay attention to spelling and grammar to make it easier for us and other users to read. We do not turn over every language error, however we do expect a certain amount of effort to be put into each post.

3.4 Double posts are to be refrained from - previous posts must be edited accordingly.

3.5 Contributions in permanent capital or bold letters or colored letters are prohibited and will be removed without comment.

3.6 If you find a mistake in your post or want to add something after sending it, use the edit function. Double posts are not allowed.

3.7 The "pushing" of topics is not desired and will be stopped accordingly. In case of violation, the consequence is a temporary blocking of the account.

3.8 The naming of fansites for the Football Manager is allowed within reasonable limits.

3.9 Advertising for other projects is only possible in consultation with the administrators. In case of violation, the consequence is a temporary blocking of the account.

§ 4 - Edit posts

Posts may only be edited in such a way that the editing enriches the forum. It is not permitted to withdraw from a heated discussion by editing. We reserve the right to restore edited posts if the content seems indispensable for moderation (e.g. reported post) or in any other way.

4.1 To edit a post afterwards, click on the "Edit" button and add to the post.

4.2 Editing or deleting of editing notes, in your contribution, from administrators or moderators is forbidden in principle and can lead to the blockage of your account.

4.3 Contributions that contribute positively to the discussion may not be subsequently falsified in terms of content.

§ 5 - Signatur and Avatar

We are happy about every signature, because it tells us something about the respective user - at the same time also makes the forum a bit more colorful.

5.1 Your signature should be kept as small as possible and should not distract from your actual posting. Therefore we will only accept signatures that do not exceed the dimensions of 500 x 100.

5.2 A signature must not contain any violence glorifying, sexist and

right-wing extremist images or animations.

5.3 Links to commercial websites in signatures are absolutely forbidden.

5.4 Your avatar may not contain images or animations that glorify violence, sexism or right-wing extremism.

5.5 Your avatar or signature will be deleted immediately if it is detected for the first time. In case of recurrence we will delete your account.

§ 6 - Commercial

Since we are financed by advertising and donations, we would like to keep our forum as free as possible - apart from advertising, which is responsible for our existence.

6.1 Advertising for other websites, unless this website is needed to answer a question, is prohibited.

6.2 Links to websites with filesharing, warez or crack content are strictly prohibited.

6.3 Links to websites with content glorifying violence, sexist and right-wing extremist content are strictly prohibited.

6.4 Links to websites that violate the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are strictly prohibited.

6.5 The use of nicknames that violate the rule are not allowed.

§ 7 - Copyright content

Copyright protected content may only be used on our website / forum with the permission of the owners. Likewise, our content may only be published on other sites with our permission.

7.1 Files, downloads or documents may only be used for non-commercial information purposes. Any copy of a file, download or document or any part thereof must contain this copyright statement and the copyright protection mark of the operator of this website. Any copy or part thereof may not be modified or published without the written consent of the operator of this website. The operator of this website reserves the right to revoke this permission at any time, and any use must cease immediately upon written notice from the operator.

7.2 Since our work is a community project, we assume that all content posted in our forum after the publication of these rules may be made available in our downloads.

7.3 Content must be checked for possible copyright infringement by the respective author before posting. We assume that as soon as something is posted in our forum, this has been agreed with the author or does not violate the forum rules.

7.4 Violations will be punished with all available legal means.

§ 8 - Using or change content from this Website

Contents of our website may be changed and published in our forum - but not elsewhere.

§ 9 - Support

For the support of problems, we require that both manuals and FAQs are read and studied responsibly before asking questions. This ensures that we do not have to answer questions multiple times, which gives us more time to continue working on the Football Manager.

9.1 Support is only provided via the forum, not via e-mail, forum or private messages.

9.2 Support will only be given publicly and visible to everyone, as this is the purpose of a forum. Anyone who later has a similar problem, for example, should have access to the solution to the problem.

9.3 We only give support for our downloads, but not for downloads or programs from other sites.

Exception is the Football Manager from EA/BF, for which we try to give support to the best of our knowledge. However, this is not possible in every case, as we are not the developer of the game.

§ 10 - Exceptions

The rules - like our project itself - are an ongoing process. If individual cases arise that require action, the team decides internally.

We reserve the right to make changes and additions to the rules!