FM 2022: Installation Error: access denied customTranslation.asi

  • Operating system
    Windows 10
    Anti-virus program
    windows defender
    Performed a complete reinstallation
    Installed files from the download area of the homepage
    FM22 - Megapatch - Update - 1.2
    FM22 - Megapatch - Update - 1.1
    FM22 - Megapatch - 2D Grafiken - v1.0
    FM22 - Megapatch - 3D Grafiken - v1.0
    FM22 - Megapatch - Hauptinstallation (Main Package) - v1.0
    FM22 - Hotfix - Main
    Own changes made to the database, if yes which ones
    Zukünftige Transfers aktiviert?
    Heller oder dunkler Stil ausgewählt?
    What has been tried so far
    I change folder permissions and I checked Windows compatibilities

    Hi, I am trying to install FM 2022, and I got this error:

    Someone had the same problem?

    thanks in advance!

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